The Community.

Adventure Deficit is a community exploring life’s greatest lessons through adventure. Our featured content inspires people to get outside and explore the deeper truths to areas like identity, freedom and rest. We’re outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of the natural world, and strive to protect it. We’ll hike, hunt, paddle, climb, ski, cast, ride, or take up anything else that draws us closer.

#CombatTheDeficit. We identify with those who participate; we’re doers – Roosevelt’s folks “In the Arena”. Despite our best plans, Adventure forces the un-rehearsed. It requires us to think, assess, collaborate and implement new methods, mostly on-the-spot. Sometimes we conquer and sometimes we fail, but we stay in the fight and take our lessons. Chasing these is how we “CombatTheDeficit”.

#TakeYourMedicine. Adventures take us to the most wild and scenic places, where beauty and grandeur evoke a sense of both awe and “aaahhh”. We’re literally RE-creating, hitting the re-set, and filling our deeper selves with something pure, and natural, and good. It’s so undeniably restorative, we call it “taking our medicine”, and encourage you to get out there and do the same. Be sure to tell us about it.

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The founder

Drew De Vries

I was born in Grand Rapids MI, where my family’s Dutch story became an American one, back in 1897. My wife and I make our home here too, and enjoy raising our children amidst this vibrant and hard working community we’ve grown to love.
After earning a Community Recreation degree, I spent 11 years pursuing what I believed would lead to wealth and status. Upon reading Tim Keller’s Counterfeit God’s (put it on your list) I recognized something profound. The later prompting of a friend led to the creation of Adventure Deficit, and it’s been a working response to that realization since. I hope you’ll connect with something deeper here. Thanks for coming!
Some fun facts:
-“Once was lost, but now am found”. I find great joy in inviting others to join on the same journey.
-Tried a little of everything; sparrow, frog, sheep intestines.
-Learned to downhill ski at 3 yrs old.
-Danced with the Navajo during a tribal festival.
-Lived in a “van, down by the river” guiding rafting trips.
-UPS driver, milkman, experiential marketing, material handling, food rep, logistics, concrete construction, non-profits, for profits. I use all fingers and toes to go though my resume.
-Love small business, allergic to cubicles.
I’m a husband, father, and work in ministry, too. I love a good story, and can’t wait to hear yours!

To My Fellow Wandereres

“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.”

– Edward Abbey

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