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Adventure Deficit is a podcast, website, and community exploring life’s greatest lessons through adventure. Our featured interviews, web content, and social media efforts serve to educate, entertain, and inspire you to get outside, push past comfort zones, and embrace new challenges. We’re comprised of outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of the natural world and strive to protect it. We’ll hike, hunt, paddle, climb, ski, cast, ride, or take up anything else that draws us closer.

#CombatTheDeficit. We identify with those who participate; Doers – Roosevelt’s folks “In the Arena”. With adventure, despite our best plans, we encounter the un-rehearsed. We’re required to think, assess, collaborate and implement new methods on-the-spot. Many times we conquer and others we fail, but we stay in the fight. Afterwards, we carefully inspect our actions, and this evaluation identifies life-lessons we’ll own forever. Chasing these lessons is how we “CombatTheDeficit”.

#TakeYourMedicine. Adventures so often take place in the most wild and scenic of places, where beauty and grandeur evoke a unanimous sense of both awe and “aaahhh”. We’re literally RE-creating, hitting the re-set, and filling our deeper selves with something pure, and natural, and good. It’s so undeniably restorative, we call it “taking our medicine”, and encourage you to get out there and do the same. Be sure to tell us about it.

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The founder

Drew De Vries

I was raised in Jenison, MI where I attended school before earning a degree in Recreation from Calvin College in Grand Rapids. Some facts about me:
-I’ve eaten sparrow, frog, and sheep intestines.
-Learned to ski on a pair of “Nugget 97’s”.
-Once invited to dance with the Navajo during tribal festival.
-Lived in a “van, down by the river”.
-Caught a albatross on a spinning rig in the Gulf.
-When counting prior jobs, I use all my fingers, and some toes.
-My brother-in-law dubs me a “glutton-for-experience”.
-Love business, allergic to cubicles.
-Adventure’s always been my reset.
I’m a husband, father, writer, and hopeless gear junky. I love a good story, and can’t wait to hear yours!

To My Fellow Wandereres

“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.”

– Edward Abbey

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