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Adventure Deficit is exploring life’s greatest lessons through adventure. If you seek compelling stories from the woods or water, alpine peaks or desert valleys, our podcast is for you! Step off society’s hamster wheel and into remote places instead, where the world’s noise gives way to fresh air and clear thinking. Adventure doesn’t just bring us into beautiful spaces, but also to a better understanding of identity. We believe this brings joy to the One who made all things!

All our content is listed on the homepage. Each podcast features show notes for the deeper details. Our blog features short stories and gear reviews, and our newsletter keeps you in-the-know with what’s coming. In-person workshops hone your outdoor prowess alongside fellow members of the A.D. community, equipping you with knowledge, skills, and confidence for your next journey. Finally, our trips offer exciting opportunities to test these skills and get out there in search of your own adventure. Let’s go! #TakeYourMedicine

#CombatTheDeficit. We identify with those who participate; we’re doers – Roosevelt’s folks “In the Arena”. Despite our best preparations, adventure forces the un-rehearsed. It requires us to think, assess, collaborate and implement new methods, mostly on-the-spot. Sometimes we conquer, other times we fail, but we stay in the fight and the lessons commence. This is how we “CombatTheDeficit”.

#TakeYourMedicine. Adventure takes us to the most wild and scenic places, where beauty and grandeur evoke a sense of both awe and “ahhh”. We’re literally re-creating, hitting reset, and filling ourselves with something pure, natural, and good. It’s so undeniably restorative, we call it “taking our medicine”, and encourage you to get out there and do the same. Be sure to tell us about it.

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The Founder.

Drew De Vries

Welcome to Adventure Deficit!
In the decade following college graduation, I made a scrambled mess of my professional life. In 2016, with a list of eight former career paths, I found myself once again seeking a new job. This time, I couldn’t stick with the same broken plan. I needed something deeper. This is the backstory to Adventure Deficit.
First, let’s take a moment to apply proper weight to the process of securing new employment. Your story differs from mine, but the process usually starts the same. It begins by tightening up the resume. Representing one’s marketable skills always proves vulnerable, but reducing them into keywords? Simply painful. Untold hours are spent pouring through listings, filling out applications, and typing company-specific cover letters. In the coming weeks, a few emails trickle in, starting off like “We regret to inform you”. For me, this was never the hardest part. The real challenge came with the waiting game. Weeks began to feel like years, and with all hope nearly diminished, an interested party would stir up a flurry like a fifth-grade crush! From there, clothes shopping, negotiations, acceptance letters, background checks, and issuance of credentials came like a blur. Getting to “day one” in the office involved just as much energy as the learning curve itself!
It’s taxing to write all of this, let alone live it. To think I walked through this process eight times. Why would anyone endure this? Because – I didn’t know who I was.
Until then, I pursued the illusion that significance could only come with an executive job, six-figure salary, and a big powerful car to park in the reserved parking space close to the building. I desired to get noticed quickly, and held tightly to the expectation of being pulled straight to the top of every organization I’d been with. When it became clear this would go unmet, I’d grow frustrated. Rather than showing patience, communication or persistence, I grew discouraged and demanding. After 12 or 18 months, I’d set sail for new horizons. It may come as no surprise, but I never achieved an executive position, huge salary, or big car. Sadly, this reinforced the terrible lie – far worse than not having an executive title or cool stuff. I believed I was insignificant.
In 2016, a dinner with friends led to an encouraging turning point. They affirmed my gifts and passions as a leader with a gift for communication and outdoor adventure. Together, our families prayed for God’s blessing for continued clarity on my calling. In this moment, I began the process of submitting a corner of life previously held tight to the chest – my work. This is where Adventure Deficit began.
The podcast launched in 2017. Almost immediately, I received affirmations for things I’d never given prior value to: writing style, curiosity, authenticity, relatability, interview skills, and breadth of experiences. It was the first time value had been assigned to these areas, it felt so good!
Many developments have occurred since that night at our friends house, too many to call it coincidence. I don’t know what’s around the next corner, but I trust in the Lord’s goodness, and strive to continually seek Him first in all things, including in my work.
Today, I’m married to an exceptional woman named Evie. Together, we have three kids. I split my time operating A.D. and serving as a men’s pastor to a church congregation in Grand Rapids. My passion is pursuing the life lessons we all can learn though adventure, and pointing people to the creative genius of Jesus Christ through His natural world. It brings me great joy to serve this community, and I’d love for you to join us! #TakeYourMedicine


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To My Fellow Wanderers

There’s so much goodness to explore. Get out there and take your medicine!

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