A Life Lesson Revisited: Cody Rich

March 09, 2020

“Concrete’s drying, whether you’re ready or not. It’s like life, tomorrow is going to happen, whether you’re ready or not.” –Cody Rich, Ep 27 Adventure Deficit podcast.

Drew and Cody discuss the life that’s transpired since their conversation back in 2017. A lot has changed for both men. The order of the day includes: a move from Oregon to Montana, marriage, fatherhood and maintaining an adventurous lifestyle despite the many demands this fast moving life places upon us. This episode is unlike the others. Tune in for more of the goods.

5:30 Decisions, decisions. What goes into making good ones?

6:30 “Do, do, do.”

11:20 Importance of mentors.

15:00 Specialists vs Generalists. “Range – Why Generalists Triumph In A Specialzed World”, David Epstein.

16:00 Drew’s long list of former jobs.

20:00 God’s will.

23:00 Life lessons from pouring concrete.

26:00 Hard Knocks education.

29:00 “Concrete’s drying, whether you’re ready or not.”

34:00 Importance of dad’s.

39:00 Backcountry Fuel Box, Marriage. Montana. Fatherhood. Chaos.

44:30 Baby Wade. “Hey, my kid’s a champion sleeper.”

49:00 Transitions. Maintaining an adventurous lifestyle.



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