A North Manitou Misadventure: Ken Pierpont

June 28, 2018

“You get one life, it’s short, so you should live it. There are people in your life, so you should love them.”

Pastor Ken Pierpont tells of the early family trip to North Manitou Island, and the follow up to recreate what was supposed to be a relaxing getaway with his sons… Misadventure followed, but perspective remains.

2:30 Bullying, sports, trying to “fix” this.

5:13 “Kenny, try to find something where you’ll use your mouth, you’ll do better.”

6:00 I just started trying to find people to love.

6:51 Pastoring in H.S. 17 years old and pastoring a congregation.

7:40 Bible college, seminary, meeting Louis.

9:53 39 Years of marriage.

10:45 The village parson

11:22 “I’m not Charles Spurgeon.”

13:34 The beauty of nature could move me to tears.

14:30 Really, actually camping out.

15:03 A 1/4 tank of gas and $1.38. Adventures on the cheap.

16:10 A son’s pleading, a backpack which couldn’t be bought, and the resolve of a preacher who’s determined “not to just read about this stuff”.

17:00 “Son, what do you have in this backpack?” … “A calculator.”

18:07 My firstborn is moving away, and it’s killing me.

19:00 Sleeping in front of the Leelanau courthouse.

22:50 “Manitou Mike” – Some simple things he did that we didn’t notice. We paid for that.

27:00 North Manitou, a little more hike than we expected.

29:00 Gout. “I’m in so much pain. I can’t walk. Serious trouble.”

34:00 Building a raft. It actually worked.

35:30 We’ll laugh about this someday, but it wasn’t really fun.

36:00 Quicksand.

37:12 Fog lifted, clouds turned beautiful. Cool breeze. “Pretty clouds bring ugly weather.”

38:00 Reflecting on how much I love these boys. Serious storm comes in.

40:00 I just dumped out the last of our water. Dad, do you have any of that water left? “Kyle? Kyle? I got you some water buddy.”

43:00 “Hey Dan, the rainfly?”

44:09 Geniel breeze, the stars are out.

46:00 A new energy. Smiles came back.

47:00 A reflection: “I really love you, Dad.”

50:00 “Wes just left for college, I’m really going to miss him.”

52:00 Life lesson: “You get one life, it’s short, so you should live it. There are people in your life, so you should love them. It’s going to end someday, so you should be ready for that. A good place to figure that out is under an open sky, even if it’s raining.”

53:00 onward: Q & A.





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