Alone – 66 Days of Survival – Dave McIntyre

April 09, 2018

“Alone is so intensely psychological. There’s no facade. You can’t maintain a persona of this rugged adventure guy being on camera every day like that and hold it all together, it’s going to wear you down to the person you actually are.”       –Dave McIntyre



1:42 Growing up in eastern Pennsylvania on prior grounds of the Lenni-Lenape tribe.

2:15 Dad drank too much. Me and brother Carl retreated into the Blue Mountains to practice survival skills. Became self-sufficient in the bush.

4:26 Missing 38 days of school. Receiving Christ at 16. The path to becoming a school teacher.

5:52 Making mistakes & learning.

8:10 72 hour survival scenario: Usually found within 72 hrs. You can live 3 hrs in extreme exposure, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food.

10:15 Becoming ordained. The 10-year process prepping a Church-plant in Brazil.

12:00 Starting a wilderness ministry in Belo Horizonte – city of 5.5 million people.

14:05 Playing wilderness guide.”The apartment boys”. Fireside lessons.

17:04 More on wilderness ministry.

18:00 Attacks on the family. 55% loss of support. Health complications. Divorce. Loss of affiliation with Church.

19:23 Stripped of everything. Inspecting foreclosed homes in West Michigan. T-boned in the intersection of life. Company closure & job loss.

21:25 “History Channel’s, Alone” reaches out via facebook. 3500 applications, 20 finalists, 10 contestants. Competition is larger than life. Iraq Veterans, Dr. Nicole Apelian, with a masters in Marine Biology, Mike Lowe USAF/Air instructor. Jose, a former Spanish Foreign Legion Special Forces.

24:00 Excelling in boot camp, becoming someone to watch all-of-a-sudden. “Lord, if you do not want me here, do not let them give me a slot.” Just the opposite occurred.

25:37 No more money, no more vehicle. Isaiah 40: 29-31 “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak…” That was the Lord telling me what he was going to do out there.

29:00 Highest concentration of black bears and cougars, no gun, no food.

29:40 List of ten items: Knife, folding saw, axe, sleeping bag, bivy-sac, 2qt pot, ferro rod, gill net, 300 yds fishing line w- hooks, 5 lbs pemmican.

30:30 Assessing the lay of the land. Provisional shelter. “Rule of Threes”: You can live 3 hrs in extreme exposure, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food. Once you’ve got fire water and shelter, you’ve got 3 weeks to get the other parts figured out.

33:16 You want a good meal and a good nights rest, that’s it. And you spend all your time and energy getting it.

33:53 Hunger pains and headaches for three days before your body will shut-off the alarm bells. Fatigue sets in.

35:30 Passive food gathering, gill nets. Weaving a second gill net with the fibers of a found rope, fishing. Bull Kelp ruining everything, lost 7 hooks in the first 2 weeks. Active fishing was working.

38:00 Climax of frustration around day 30. Net issues, broken and torn-apart despite all efforts. Facing down demons. A lone-crab and a life-metaphor.

41:38 Pigging out. “All-you-can-eat” crab buffet and keyhole limpets. Huck-Finn time.

45:00 Universal survival language into different dialects. Learning tide patterns. Taking time & planning.

46:00 25 lbs lost in 24 days. No more body reserves. Ketosis.

53:05 Show has a 90% fail rate. “How good are you at wilderness survival? Well, how good are you at walking on slippery rocks?” It can go a variety of ways.

54:27 Gaining weight and eating really well. Psychological adaptation. Dreaming wordless dreams about fishing and crabbing.

56:20 The final check-up…Daughter Erin, “You did, it. You won.” Verse from Isaiah resurfaces.

1:00:00 “I go into my cabin and I open the door and hanging right there over my bed is a picture of a soaring eagle…had to have it.”

1 hr 06 Life lesson: “God is absolutely in control, and I am never alone.

1 hr 10 Possibles kit

1 hr 11 Survival Kit contains methods for: shelter, fire, water, signals, navigation, and food gathering. People collect kits that are full of nifty things, but these areas must be addressed.

1 hr 15 Ferro rod. Balsam fir and cedar bark. Poof, fire instantly for 10 minutes.

1 hr 16The Fall” First of a 6 book series by Dave McIntyre. More coming soon.

1 hr 17 Dave McIntyre Wilderness School.


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