It All Counts – Anne Chamberlin

February 14, 2018

“This sounds so cliché, but it wasn’t about getting to basecamp. It was the whole journey.”


Anne Chamberlin has faced many hardships in her life. Raising four children as a single mom and battling cancer – twice – gave her a unique perspective on the fragility of life and the power of the human spirit. Anne chronicles her journey, which ultimately leads to the hallowed ground of base camp at Mount Everest.



1:00 This episode is brought to you by Luke Bagnall State Farm – www.lukebagnall.com

2:30 Anne Chamberlin. Born in Grand Rapids. Fishing with dad, tennis & competitive background.

5:21 Big city life in Manhattan.

6:30 Four kids under the age of 5.

7:20 Foreclosure, divorce, single parenting.

9:45 Cheers! friends, and lawnmowers.

11:29 “Laughing is so therapeutic…people don’t laugh enough”.

12:10 Cancer everywhere. New wife.

14:00 Game plan and control. “Am I going to die?”

16:04 “Jenny, what can I do to honor you?” Don’t be a wimp, do the 25K!” $15,000 for the

American Cancer Society. Running the Grand Rapids’ Fifth Third Riverbank Run.

18:24 Training your mind to think positively.

19:34 More bad news. Stage 3 neck and throat cancer.

22:00 Everest Base Camp

34:17 “Touching my Father’s Soul” – Tenzing Norgay.

35:38 Mary Freebed rehabilitation. Oncology rehab & mentorship program.

37:05 Flight lessons.





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