B.O.G.O. Adventure Story with the Mountaineering Marketer – Allen Crater

May 25, 2018

“There’s something to be said in life about just trying something you’ve never done.”

Allen Crater, President – Steven’s Inc. and board member of Michigan BHA


Photos (L to R) by Dan Shepler, Max Boyd, last two by Geoff Shirley

Show Notes:

1:00 Michigan Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

2:20 Growing up in Grand Rapids to a family who enjoyed the outdoors.

3:10 Born in the U.S.A. – but made in Ludington State Park.

5:10 Archery deer hunts from ground blinds.

8:00 Sports, hunting, fishing – the growing up years.

10:45 Disciplined at H.S. – cute classmate assigned to bring Allen his homework, becomes his wife.

13:00 Steven’s Inc. – buying into a full service ad agency. Marriage. Having kids.

15:00 The importance of integrity in business.

19:00 “Two doses of medicine” Allen shares story number one.

21:00 The Continental Divide Trail story. 3 college buds. One ford ranger and a bunch of highlights.

24:30 “Sliding on my back down this snowfield, I can’t see where I’m going, but I can see my buddies face, and it’s telling me this isn’t good.”

27:20 Rain, hail, and altitude sickness. “When you’ve got three full grown guys in a little tent, all dirty wet and stinky… What they sell as a three-person backpacking tent, really is more like…”

29:00 A really bad storm rolls in. We’re at the highest point of our elevation. External frame packs and aluminum tent poles at 12,000 ft.

…Clouds are so close you can touch them. Thunder so loud I’ve never felt more insignificant in my life.

31:00 Life Lesson No. 1. “Something to be said in life about trying something you’ve never done.”

32:00 Bill and Paul’s Sporthaus promo: For 10% off – Use code “AD2018”

37:00 Trip no. two: More experience, and in search of more solitude. Solo trip in the Jefferson range.

38:00 The evolution of backpacking gear. Mobile phones. The internet.

40:00 It started to snow, and then it turned to heavier snow. The further I go, the worse the weather gets. Nightfall comes, everything’s white and I can’t see the trail.

42:00 Compass failure. Trying to set up a tent with frozen fingers. Backtrack to water.

43:30 Didn’t bring gloves. Simple stuff becomes lot of work when you’re cold, wet and alone. Spent a really cold miserable night.

44:30 I unzipped the door to my tent and the landscape was beautiful. Mt. Jefferson was right next to me, this giant monolith right in front of me.

46:00 Sun’s out. Jefferson’s there, I’m within a pitching wedge of the lake, all of it. Sense of euphoria. What a gorgeous day.

47:00 Importance of remaining cool, calm and collected.

50:00 Heading into town, staying sea-side to finish things off.

52:00 Life Lesson two.  “Preparedness is so hugely important, but on the flip side, you have to be able to adjust when things don’t go according to plan.”

…The graph to success, ideal vs. actual.

54:00 Adjust to another game plan. Love ’em or hate ’em – Tom Brady.

55:45 The importance of exposing yourself to uncomfortable situations. You’re gonna go down before you go up – all those things will happen.

59:45 “The Endurance” Shackleton, and the leadership applications there. Most amazing true story ever.

63:00 Bronc Box, Mountain Khakis, Princeton Tec.











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