Behind the Scenes of “Survivor: Nicaragua” – Ben Henry

April 28, 2017

“There is no amount of money that is worth this.”

From recruitment in an LA night club, casting interviews, to the long sleepless nights in the rain, Ben Henry – A.K.A. “Benry” – breaks down the life perspective gained from it all.

2:00 – “She asked me if I’d heard of the show Survivor and I asked her if that show was still on TV.”

Ben talks about getting recruited at an LA night club to audition for the show the next day in front of CBS executives. Two days later, Ben gets a call from Mark Burnett himself.

11:27 – “It was this hurry up and wait game.”

For two months, Ben trained, watched past seasons of Survivor, and submitted wardrobe.


Photo of Tammarin – edible, native to Nicaragua.

15:00 – “We get in these blacked-out vans…we weren’t allowed to talk.”

Ben talks about arriving in Managua with the rest of the cast. They stayed at a luxurious villa, feasted on delicious food, and went through survivor school. After a 5 day press junket, the show finally started!

26:18 – “The first week was the worst week of my life.”

Ben talks about the internal battle against himself, and the external battle against torrential downpours, which led to the unprecedented event of two contestants quitting. As Ben found victory over these challenges, he began to learn more about himself, and what was important in his life.

33:13 – “The night that I went home I had no idea I was going home.”

Ben talks about feeling blind-sided when he was voted off of the show as a finalist, but that he would do it all over again for free. Ben talks about all the opportunities he’s been given since the show, including giving back with AFE Armed Forces Entertainment and Give Kids the World.


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  1. Andrew De Vries says:

    Great story line! Enjoyed listening to Ben. Nice job of drawing out the detail of the adventure.

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