Cardiac Hill – Jeff Troutman

May 01, 2018

“It was miserable…and I’ve never felt more alive”

-Jeff Troutman

Drew interviews Jeff Troutman – musician, fly fishing advocate, and host of Grand Rapids – based Remote, No Pressure podcast.

Jeff tells of his early life catastrophe involving an auto accident with a drunk driver. Wheelchair-bound with multiple broken bones during the integral middle school years, he discloses the challenges, amidst coping with the effects of traumatic brain injury and loss of memory from that time.

His story goes on to include more common stressors affecting our culture today, details from his road to corporate success, musical passion, experiencing burnout, finding therapy and eventually discovering his love of fly-fishing – which he dubbs the perfect antidote to many of life’s problems. We couldn’t agree more. Furthermore – as a fellow podcast host, Jeff has a knack for getting into some great content, which we decided to air to change things up a bit. Tune in for a great conversation.

1:00 Eastern Texas, parent’s divorce, moving back to Houston.

3:06 Horrible car accident, a drunk driver – 11 yrs old.

8:08 Music and coping with losing baseball.

15:39 College. West-Michigan, and songs about fly-fishing.

17:27 Newborns, commission shifts, no sleep, burnout & therapy.

21:30 Fly fishing, retired mentors, and Tuesday nights for Flat River smallmouths.

23:00 I want to play my guitar, and go fly fishing. The Remote No Pressure podcast.

24:30 Jess Westbrook and The Mayfly Project fly-fishing for foster kids.

27:28 Casting for Recovery – Breast cancer fly fishing retreats. Project Healing Waters – Fly fishing for disabled vets.

32:00 Fishing adventure: the Pine River and “Cardiac Hill”

41:00 Complete exhaustion, camp, rain, hammocks, Big John’s snoring.

46:05 “It was a miserable trip, I almost died on cardiac hill.. Big John’s snoring… I’ve never felt more alive. It’s something spiritual. It’s who we were created to be.”

51:40 – 63:00 Adventure Deficit defined. “Taking your medicine”? The A.D.D. culture. Candid talk on the importance of maintaining mental/behavioral health.

65:00 Rapid fire questions. Sturgil Simpson. The Muskegon River & brown trout.







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