Six Day Bull Ride: A Hard Earned Idaho Elk – Cody Rich

August 11, 2017

“I Cow call once, and he lets out this huge bugle and I drop the hammer. And like, I just sank. The happiest moment of my life.”

Host Drew De Vries chats with backcountry hunter and host of The Rich Outdoors Hunting Podcast, Cody Rich. Cody describes the joy and heartache of one particular hunt, and invites us into an unexpected story about a swimming accident that left him temporarily paralyzed. Join us for an amazing life story, gear talk, and the the ups and downs of hunting elk.

16:10 “Expected to take over the farm…The problem is, I love hunting, and those two do not mix well because the harvest is right there.

17:16 “I’m going to be a firefighter, because they get to go hunting…Based everything around hunting.”

17:56 “My first out-of-state hunt. A big deal…Twenty-two years old…Spent a big amount of money on a tag…Felt all kinds of pressure.”

20:15 “Four days. Not a bugle…Three elk tracks the whole time. Frustrated…Panic…Gonna come in empty handed…This storm sets in.

21:09 “Biggest bull I’ve ever seen…Closest I’ve been. Morale is up, and down and up and down”

23:45 “Whole next day it rained…That’s where I screwed up. Mentally & phyiscally exhausted…You think magically if you keep walking forward it’s gonna get better.”

25:25 “Pouring down rain…Bulls are screaming and it’s miserable…and I love that….The bull steps out.”

26:35 “Out of my life forever….The highest of highs and lowest of lows at the same point…Laughing and wanting to cry at the same time…So freaking close.”

27:44 “Rangefinder’s broken, my gear’s soaked. Nothin left…Loaded up truck. In town…Can’t give up yet…Buy-Mart & buy new pants, new shirt, new gear, new rangefinder….Reset. I had a cheeseburger. Go back, straight to that spot.

28:49 “That same bull bugles…200 yards away…I run…Cow crosses the road…On her tail is that bull, a monster 6 x 6.

29:40 “I cow call once, and he lets out this huge bugle, and I drop the hammer. Happiest moment of my life…I had almost given up…If I would’ve went home it never would’ve happened.

30:00 “You never know what can happen, just give it one more chance.”

33:50 Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy Seals, and Maverick Scientists are revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work.

Life Lesson: Never give up, because you don’t know what’s going to happen.

35:56 “Fast forward to 2009…Getting prepped for hunting season. August 1st. I dive into a pond, and hit this bucket of concrete head-on…I was laying there paralyzed.”

36:42 “I knew it was bad because when I came out of the water…and Sam was holding me, and I could see the bottom of my foot..It’s bad isn’t it?”

37:39 “After surgery, my left foot moved…We got this….Going to take a long time to get better….What are my odds? “Never walk again”…No, you’re wrong.”

38:25 “This is what happened, now how do we move forward?…Over the next year…slowly got both legs back…In rehab everyone was just done…How can you just give up?”

40:00 “Twenty minutes…Done…Don’t care if it’s 8 hrs, 10 hrs…This is what we do. This is ALL we do. We train.”

41:00 “Spent the entire month of August in rehab and into September… Remember thinking “I’ve got bow season coming up”.

45:00 Steve Rinella MeatEater

48:00 Trophy photos and social media.

50:00 “I don’t want it to appear as I’m smiling over this dead animal like a psychopath, but at the same time, unless you’ve been there you can’t really understand…You’re remorseful…So much work. Weird emotion you have to experience to truly understand it.

51:20 It’s their right, if they are offended. I don’t want to come off as distasteful. I have more appreciation for these animals than anyone. I love the species. The individual is a smaller picture. It’s tough.”

53:25 Russell’s Gun & Guide, a licensed guide in Colorado and New Mexico.

56:00 “(Vegan)…they have their beliefs…I don’t want to change that…Always going to be anti-hunters…Always gonna be rednecks that just want to shoot everything. There’s both sides of the spectrum. It’s making sure that the 51% is okay with hunting.

58:20 “Everyone has their own wilderness…Instagram, it’s a highlight reel…Go do your own thing…Don’t compare.”

1:03 “Buy experiences…Buy tags first…In the beginning, too many guys get wrapped around the axle.”

1:07 Dream Hunt Described. Always gonna be mountain hunts. Always gonna be extreme conditions.

1:08 Dropped – Casey & Chris Keefer. Would you make it?

1:09 Q&A with Cody Rich:

-Trad Bow or Matthew’s Halon

-Old Timer or Havalon

-Canned Sardines or Freeze dried

-Mil-Surp tin Canteen or Camelbak

First Lite merino wool

Maven Optics

Crispi Boots

Enlightened Equipment Quilt.

Powder River Cartridge Co.








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