Embrace Your Weird – Lynsey Dyer

June 09, 2018

“I was so surprised to see what our bodies are capable of…they adjust” – Lynsey Dyer, Professional big mountain skier

Lynsey and Drew discuss her growing up in Sun Valley and the early life of a ski racer. We uncover her take on societal norms, money, and the importance of exploring outside of your particular worldview. Her fantastic adventure story comes in the form of a self-supported backcountry ski tour inside of one of America’s greatest national parks: Yellowstone. All this for the shooting of a film entitled “Monumental”, where Lynsey and team set out to highlight our nation’s 100 years of National Parks history by skiing the most rugged, pristine settings within their boundaries. Facing negative degree weather, the idea of rustic camping in freezing landscape was terrifying. She moved forward nonetheless, and loved it. Since then, she’s developed an appreciation for winter camping – and our bodies ability to regulate temperature when properly outfitted. This learned function & skill set she’ll undoubtedly carry on. Tune in. #TakeYourMedicine


2:30 Michigan summers, the midwest and its awesome Great Lakes.

4:00 Growing up in Sun Valley, ID.

7:00 “Some kids would get a Range Rover for their 16th birthday, and other kids would be raising cattle and not make it to school that day.”

8:45 “I saw what money can buy, and also that it’s not everything… Some people you’d assume have it all.”

12:00 Middle school. Skiing all of the time. An alternative sense of confidence.

13:00 “Competition wasn’t natural, it was learned behavior.”

15:00 High School years.

18:00 The absentee Homecoming Queen.  Always on the road. Always racing.

21:00 Montana State years & graphic design.

25:00 Street art & print making. A love for practical art. Big, flat bursts of bright color – some love for the A.D. logo.

26:00 I had followed “the rules”. An off-campus semester in Italy. Exposure to a world outside of athletics.

29:00 Graphic design, San Fransisco internship. Really doing the thing. As far as society’s definition for success, I was winning – but I was miserable.

31:04 A turning point. What would really make me happy? Warren Miller flicks & hot babes at the bottom. I knew I could do whatever I saw those guys doing.

33:00 “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” – Thoreau. “What would you dare to accomplish if you knew you couldn’t fail?” – Unknown

35:00 Meditation, Yoga & Focus. Trying this thing that lights me up. Training know-how, from Ski Team.

42:00 Freeskiing. One track, that’s your impression. Once there’s a track in the shot, you’re done.

43:00 All about as being as remote as possible. Helicopters, just you and the mountain. Warren Miller, Teton Gravity Research. Go Pro. Eddie Bauer. G3. Adventure.

47:00 Unicorn Picnic

50:00 Adventure Story: “Monumental” – behind the scenes of the 100 year anniversary of National Parks Ski tour. A self supported backcountry ski tour in a Yellowstone winter.

54:40 “There was a part of me that thought I was gonna die, but I was going with a handful of other people who knew what they were doing.”

58:00 Life Lesson: “I was so surprised to see what our bodies are capable of, they adjust. I had always viewed the mountains as just a place to perform.”

59:00 So much of what we do is so remote, we must take this into account.

61:00 Mt. Kilimanjaro with Mandy Moore.

65:00 Eddie Bauer-sponsored adventures.

68:00 Mandy and her new zeal for adventuring outdoors.

69:00 Prescribed “forest therapy”.  Literally taking your medicine!

74:00 “Embrace your weird” Look inside, not to the outside world for how we’re supposed to look, how to act, what to think etc. The weird stuff are part of your gift. Find ways to express them.

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