Why Not to Fly Fish in a Lightning Storm – Glen Blackwood

June 16, 2017

“I turn around, and arguably see the the largest flash of light in my life.”

Fly fishing legend, Glen Blackwood on being hit by lightning while fishing. He shares family history, rattlesnakes, conservation, and some life lessons he’s hooked along the way.


1:57 – “A family story.”

Glen talks about growing up in central Pennsylvania and being taught to fish in the creeks and runs of Center County.

10:33 – “The three reasons to live in Michigan: Trout, Grouse, and Woodcock.”

Glen comes to Michigan with a degree in agriculture and finds himself doing a job he isn’t emotionally prepared for amidst the economic recession of the 1980s. As fate would have it, he ends up starting Great Lakes Fly Fishing Company.

17:00 – “There are inherent risks to one’s person when they step outside.”

He tells the story of the lightning strike. Also shares another special moment in which he witnessed the birth of a baby deer with a black bear nearby.

28:05 – “I lost significant hearing…which is much more important…especially for night fishing.”

Glen is no longer able to hear bugs feeding on the surface, which plays an important role for night fishing the famed Michigan Hex hatch. We wanted to learn more about this unique annual phenomenon, check out the #TakeYourMedicine piece, where Drew tries his hand on the Pere Marquette.

31:34 – “There’s so much more to angling than the end trophy.”

On fishing with his father and helping a seasoned angler put his last good-sized trout to hand.

39:32 – “Buy three or four flies, and go fish. Then write down your success”.glen blackwood

Sound advice for anyone who wants to give fly fishing a try, and also suggestions for the more seasoned trout fisherman. Trout community, stay tuned for an upcoming book from Jerry Kustich – it’s sure to please!



  1. Thank you for the opportunity to chat the the community.

    1. Drew De Vries says:

      Absolutely Glen! Appreciate your shared knowledge & insight.

      See you outside!

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