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Paddle Forever: William Wright

June 07, 2021

Paddle Forever: William Wright

“Get involved. You can’t sit back and expect issues to be handled the way you want.” -William Wright



Meet William Wright, adventurous brainchild behind an upcoming 425-mile Stand Up Paddle journey through the connected waterways of Mackinac Island, MI, all the way to the state capital of Lansing!

Last year’s epic SUP journey went bust. He and his closest friends got pinned down by a big Lake Michigan storm, marooned on a shoreline picnic area. While they waited, big plans evolved for their next trip.

Today, William and friends await the journey of a lifetime. Get the details on this 45 day paddle board saga, immersed in the beauty of Lake Michigan and its tributaries. All this is to bring awareness to a handful of environmental issues, of primary concern is an aged pipeline resting on the lakebed across the Straits of Mackinac – Line Five. Regardless of your position, this is a relevant issue for all citizens alike, especially outdoor enthusiasts in the Midwest! William shares his perspective on the pipeline, and concern for one of our greatest lakes, and perhaps one of our nation’s greatest resources!

Their journey will soon be featured in the upcoming documentary, the Troubled Water Film Here’s his story.

1:00 Show intro and shoutout to my friend Brian Koz of True North Trout.

2:00 Growing up in the suburbs of Ft. Wayne.

4:00 Home life and family. Siblings, soccer, tennis and friends.

5:00 Minocqua Wisconsin. The Minocqua Bats.

7:00 Operation: Paddle to Chris’ house – A 70 mile SUP challenge From Walloon to Elk Rapids via Bear River.

9:00 Huge Storm. Pinned down, making camp: a rinky-dink picnic stop along Hwy 31.

13:00 Life lesson(s): “Twofold… First, you gotta plan for the unexpected. We should’ve allotted for more time, we could’ve left a day or two earlier and built in extra time. Second, get involved. You can’t sit back and expect the issues you want will be handled the way you want. You have to get involved.”

15:30 Massive erosion, higher water levels.

17:30 The upcoming plan.

22:00 Ongoing issues regarding Line Five.

30:00 The Grand River. Lansing. Plans for the Troubled Water Film.

35:00 Honesty in documentaries. Changing the landscape with mutual respect.

All the best on your upcoming journey, fellas!


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