48 mins

Power Of The Habit – Climber Tony Kelly

April 05, 2018

“I unhook from my personal anchor, and about half way there, I just stop….and realize I just about repelled off my rope”.

Climber Tony Kelly shares his life story and his brush with a nearly catastrophic fall, highlighting the importance of vital safety habits, which saved him from the fall while climbing in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge.


3:00 Intro, early life.

6:00 Michigan Tech

7:03 Mount Bohemia

8:39 I’ve always been a rock climber, I just didn’t know it!

9:57 Inside Moves – Byron Center

10:45 Kentucky’s Red River Gorge

15:00 Red Rocks Canyon Nevada – Big wall climbing. Mt. Wilson.

19:45 The Adventure Story: Climbing Red River Gorge w- friends.

25: 33 “Do it every time. Create a habit”

30:00 End of his rope. Tony’s near miss.

39:00 Beta Bars.

40:00 Belay specs.

41:40 La Sportiva TC pros.

42:00 Beal ropes.

46:00 Grand Ledge, MI

48:20 Red Rising – Pierce Brown

49:00Adventures with Failure




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