Rivers and Redemption: Jon Osborn

June 09, 2020

Rivers and Redemption: Jon Osborn


“When he came out that door, his face was ashy white. His eyes were just like vacant holes in his head.” -Jon Osborn


Jon Osborn II is unlike most men. He’s a compassionate family man and outdoor writer whose authored two books. He’s a runner, pipe-smoker and Michigan-area police officer who, in addition to regular police work, serves on his department’s tactical team. April 22, 2018 was a cold spring day that started just like any other. Jon woke up before dawn, worked out, and clocked into his third twelve-hour shift of the week with his team. At the onset of breakfast, routine police radio chatter quickly turned into fast-paced action. A murder, coupled with an active hostage situation. For Jon and his partner Joe, it was what they’d been training for all along and they wasted no time jumping into the armored Hummer. In unprecedented detail, Jon reveals the harrowing experience, and the therapeutic stream sessions which followed long afterwards. Be sure to listen! *Mature Content Warning* You may want to clear the room of young ears.


Show notes:

1:00 Born and raised in Holland, MI

2:45 Parents were hippies.

3:15 Brothers, campouts, survival.

7:00 Testing the limits.

8:00 “Dude, do NOT play sports!”

11:00 Writing, passions bubbling to the surface.

15:00 Chips. Motorcycle cops. Slap base.

16:30 Police work. Special Enforcement Team. High Risk Response.

20:00 Homage to Joe.

21:00 April day, started like any other.

22:00 Man murdered, woman injured. Hostage taken.

28:00 Humvee ride. “We had this thing buried, engine so loud… a battleship on roller-skates”

33:00 Prioritizing lives. Hostage, innocents, police, suspect.

35:00 Hostage still inside, texting dispatch. “He’s flipping out.”

36:30 “There he was. You could pretty much read the serial number on the gun.”

37:00 Hostage rescue 101 is “head-shot-only”. We’re not about to let this lady just get killed in front of us.

38:00 “I sure hope these F-er’s can shoot”

39:00 “Safety-off, start taking slack off the trigger.”

40:00 “Moving! Moving! Moving! Joe’s shot was very effective.”

45:00 “Eyes were just like vacant holes in his head….”Emotionally dead to the whole situation”

46:00 No questioning what needs to be done. But we were part and parcel to assisting him on that.

47:00 Therapy sessions with Joe. Unexpected reverse-survivor’s guilt.

48:00 “Touching the Dragon” by James Hatch

56:00 Retreat to the River – “Rivers and Redemption” Let the water just gurgle around my legs.

57:00 Life Lesson: The life cycle of the mayfly. It comes to the surface and shucks its skin. While I was watching that I came to the realization “Life is good! You can shed your skin, you can see some revitalization.”

59:00 The sound, the feelings, March Marigolds popping up. Regrowth. “It’s our responsibility to preserve and conserve it, but also to use it and enjoy it!”

62:00 Polarizing politics. Questions on policing & lightning round questions.

Be sure to check out Jon’s books:

“Fly Fisher’s Guide to Michigan” and

“Classic Michigan Flies, 16 Legendary Patterns”

For a signed copies, email Ozzy0908@hotmail.com.

70:00 End.











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