Triathlon, Without Feet: Sidney Smith

June 08, 2019

“As we overcome our trials, we have a choice. We can allow fear to overcome our lives, or try to find positives from these experiences.” – Sidney Smith, Double Amputee, Triathlete.

Sid and Drew spend an hour discussing the life of a triathlete – but Sid’s not a typical triathlete. He’s been through two arduous amputations, losing both legs to muscular dystrophy – swearing not to allow it to keep him from achieving big goals. And on his immediate horizon: Ironman. He talks of his upbringing, the logistics of racing with prosthesis, and the intense training he’s heaping on in order to see this through. You don’t want to miss the thoughtful insight this family hero has for the Adventure Deficit community either. Buckle up folks!


1:50 Intro & background. Utah. Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Mountains. Family man. LDS.

4:00 Muscular Dystrophy. Double amputation.

8:40 “Meat legs” vs prosthetics.

10:00 Recovering from 2nd amputation.

11:07 Inspiration for the Ironman. Seeing someone on a prosthetic on NBC.

11:50 Training for the Ironman Florida – November 2nd.

13:54 Training & workouts.

15:00 Sacrifices

16:29 Oscar Pistorious

18:00 “That’s not fair, you just float around like a kangaroo.

18:25 “For every mile you’re running, I exert the energy of two”.

19:00 Body’s not designed to run on shin bones.

22:00 Emotional toll of amputation, setbacks and infections.

25:00 “We’re capable of way more than we think we are.”

29:00 “I’m happier now. If some genie came along and said hey Sid, here’s three wishes, would you like one of your wishes to not go through the pain the struggles, the suicidal thoughts? Would you wipe it clean and have a fresh set of legs?… I’d turn it down. It took me awhile to say that.”

30:00 Adventure Story, the Salt Lake Half Ironman: Robert and Sid giving each other purpose.

42:00 “We all have a belief that we can get things done, but I think the key element people forget about is the purpose. What is your purpose?”

51:00 Left my timing chip on my walking legs. Had to call the course director to bring the chip to the finish line.


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