Wired to Hunt, Prone to Camp Selfishly: Mark Kenyon

June 21, 2018

“As we progress through life, and as we grow our families, our goals and our decisions have to evolve along with it – not to just focus on us as individuals, but on others who depend on us.”

“As outdoor adventurers, the magnitude and importance of those decisions grows more and more, especially with children.”

“Not only focusing on yourself, but focusing on others.”

Apparently I don’t know how to count, because this is way more than 5 – 10 words.”

-Mark Kenyon, Founder/CEO Wired To Hunt



2:00 Nadir of formative years. Born in Dearborn MI. Dad worked at Ford world headquarters.

3:30 Up north Michigan. Deer seasons. Big wild amazing place. Looking up to the guys. In awe of adventure.

4:45 Outdoors becomes a primary passion point. No family vacations to the big cities or destinations, but camping.

5:40 Ages 7 – 10. The transition to West Michigan. Vast open areas, exploring with neighbor kid.

6:35 Vacations out West. Rocky Mountain, Rainer and Olympic Nat’l parks. Totally different scale. “Someday I’ll get back to those places.”

8:30 Vacations in the Adirondacks. Junior High. Intimidated by the thought of a solo trip.

9:00 Gander Mountain fishing associate.

9:30 “To buy, or not to buy?” Running a cost/benefit analysis on $80 dollar backpacking tents.

11:35 West Michigan. Rich with outdoor opportunities. Industry leaders including Steven Rinella, Jim Harrison, Tom McGwain and others.

12:40 Kenowa Hills, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. Outdoor stories.

15:10 Fishing/hunting magazines in class.

16:40 The appeal of singular pursuits.

17:30 Soccer and bowhunting.

20:13 “Fancy schmancy business guy”. NYC, internships, digital marketing.

22:00 “Outdoor Preparedness 101: the most influential decision of my life.” Real-life American version of Bear Grylls.

24:30 Dusting off the ‘ol bargain tent.

26:00Deep Survival” by Lawrence Gonzalez. Manistee River Trail, Mesic. Pictured Rocks.

28:00 Going to Cali Cali – via an epic 3 week nat’l parks route. Rocky Mtn, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons.

30:00 Working at Google. Online marketing strategist. “Why don’t I start a blog about deer hunting?”

32:00 “Crush It” by Gary Vanerchuck. Closed the book, set it down on the coffee table and said, “That’s what I’m going to do.”

34:00 I knew there was more.

36:00 Field and Stream, Outdoor Life. Wired to Hunt – the largest deer hunting podcast & exciting opportunities with Wired to Hunt and MeatEater/Steven Rinella.

39:00 The Adventure: Mark and Kylee and the summer saga learning about oneself.

43:00 Very optimistic, sometimes a bit too rosy. Glossing over potential risks.

45:00 Acceptable Risk. Always evolving. A history of selfishness.

46:00 Learning we were pregnant! Listen to your body. Be careful with activities over 8,000 ft.

50:00 Shoshone National Forest. Brooks Lake, gorgeous. Got everything we need. No big deal. We’ll be fine.

50:20 “Mark, I’m feeling really light headed. Mark I’m having a hard time breathing.” Never moved so fast.

52:00 Praying. No idea what to do. Pedal to the medal. Stupid Stupid selfishness.

54:00 Avoided disaster. Paradigm shift. Self serving goals don’t matter anymore. My whole life is different.

55:00 Everett, healthy baby boy. Mom and son doing great. Filson sponsored storytellers event for Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. Detroit Bus Company.

58:30 Life Lesson: “Look beyond yourself.”

65:00 Theodore Roosevelt. Dropping knowledge bombs.

70:00 The “Antiquities Act” The Grand Canyon.

76:00 Conservationists and Environmentalists coming together. The vegans and meat eaters. The climbers and red plaid gang.

78:00 A victory story: 3 million people saying “it’s not okay”.

79:00 Yvon Chinaurd, founder of Patagonia. “People say treehuggers and hunters can’t get along. That’s bullshit.”





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